About Us

Swift Mile, an urban/suburban street festival, hosted along Swift in the 13- 15th blocks, was developed through a partnership with Dare to Dabble, NKC Business Council, the City of North Kansas City and NKC Now, who hosted 2015’s Pint Path.

Swift Mile’s aspiration is to bring awareness to a major north-south corridor and bike route that connects our suburban area to the urban district resting in the shadows of downtown Kansas City. Swift belongs to an emerging community within NKC that is experiencing a regeneration of creative entrepreneurial businesses. New development as well as revitalization of old manufacturing and warehouse spaces can be seen through out our city. Wanting to continue the visual transformation of our landscape, we wish to gain momentum and funding for: permanent public art installations, as well as to bring the b-cycle program to North Kansas City.

Exhibiting public art along Swift invites the exploration of this changing neighborhood. Art installations and continued beautification of Swift  highlights the potential for furthur grassroots growth and development as a retail, entertainment and arts district.  Swift, an already designated bike route connecting Downtown Kansas City to the Northland, is an established and popular cyclist route. On any given day cyclist can be seen taking advantage of the designated bike lanes and slower traffic found on Swift. Bringing B-cycles, bike sharing, to North Kansas City would connect our city to already established entertainment districts as well as bring patroons of those districts to us. B-cycles stations can be found through out downtown Kansas City and currently extend all the way to the Brookside neighborhood. Establishing them in North Kansas City would help redefine our community as a accessible and connected culture of active transportation to Kansas City’s many transportation developments.


2017 Vendor Registration is Now Open


September 9th, 2017